Crash Course: Post-jazz Jazz

Jazz finds a great deal of its past in the present, but contemporary jazz takes us much further than viewers of Ken Burns famed documentary on the genre would suggest. Jazz is a music that’s played by men and women; instrumentalists and singers; leaders and sidemen; soloists, small groups, and big bands. In this session, explore the sounds of a music that has continued to evolve and, in the process, become a global phenomena.

Abbey Lincoln: A Woman Speaking Her Mind

Photo by John Sann, courtesy Verve Music Group Abbey Lincoln at home with Lara Pellegrinelli May 10, 2002—2 p.m.New York, NY Filmed and Transcribed by Amanda MacBlane Family Continuing the Great Women Vocalist Tradition Some Autobiographical Details Songwriting African Heritage Movies, Paintings, Beauty The Purpose of Art Gender Distinctions The Process of Composing Today’s “Terrible […]

Sophisticated Ladies

From our beginnings on the Web more than three years ago, NewMusicBox has always made a conscious effort to include women’s voices along with men’s voices in every issue. Critics might claim this is some kind of quota system, but our balance is a pretty accurate reflection of the new music community in the country […]

America’s Most Fascinating Jazz Clubs

Lara PellegrinelliPhoto by Melissa Richard One minute, you’re just sitting around in some dark, dank, tiny, crowded, smoke-filled basement room with a drink in your hand; the next, you’re intently focused, completely absorbed, magically transported into the light of improvisation. That, in a nutshell, is the power of jazz, a power which moves listeners and […]