What is opera? (Final installment of the 2010 VOX Blog)

By Julian Wachner
Although it was only hinted at in the two panels, murmured about in receptions, and obliquely brought up by singers looking for interpretive direction, the major question remains: when we composers sit down and type in the phrase “An Opera….” at the start of our score, do we feel the weight of Nozze, Elisir, Giulio Cesare, Bohème, Carmen, Rosenkavalier, Wozzeck, and Peter Grimes?

Flexibility and Efficiency: Blogging VOX, Day 2

By Julian Wachner
Personally, conducting two very different works one right after the other was an exercise in flexibility and efficiency, and I have to say that all of my work with the Feldenkrais method made this possible without hurting myself.

Blogging VOX

By Julian Wachner
The ten works being featured in this festival/laboratory are a beautiful snapshot of what’s going on today in contemporary opera and it’s been a wild ride to be a part of this voyage both as a conductor and as a composer participant.