Looking Up At Joe Maneri

Those of us who were close to Joe Maneri will need to adjust to life without his infinitely expressive face, the sound of his voice, and the access we were accustomed to having to his acute mind and compassionate soul.

Boston: Insecure in Cambridge

A politically themed concert portrays outrage over the sorry state of American democracy, but is it somehow inappropriate to admire that emotionless, unpolitical thing called “technique” (structure, counterpoint, tonality) at an event such as this?

Boston: A Close Call in Waltham

First, the good news for composers and friends of contemporary music: the Brandeis University graduate program in composition and theory is alive and well after surviving a proposal for its elimination announced last year. Now, the bad news: small groups of composers poring over the details of this art form evidently seem as obscure and puzzling to the rest of the population as ever, and this can affect “life-or-death” choices at some universities, even at liberal arts schools such as Brandeis…