Life Without Art – Remembering Art Jarvinen (1956-2010)

Arthur Jarvinen (1956-2010) was a dynamo whose output seemed to be just a matter of course in a normal day for him, with his output switching gears seamlessly from concert pieces, to music with deeply imbedded theater, to his own self-created genre which he called physical poetry.

Remembering Eleanor Hovda

This Saturday would have been the 70th birthday of Eleanor Hovda, a prominent Minnesota-born composer and dancer whose compositions were championed by leading new music ensembles all across the country. Her friend and colleague Jack Vees offers this memorial and celebration of her life and work.

Deal or No Deal: A Grand Rights Primer

If a performance of your music also involves a couple of dancers, or costumes, sets, and maybe even a dramatic scenario, you may have just entered the mysterious realm of “grand rights.”