Not a Vacation In Rome: Charles Norman Mason and Susan Botti head for the American Academy

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Defying Manners

Once you accept that there’s nothing you can’t do, you can ultimately do anything you want.

Stephen Scott: The Inside Story

I’m a huge fan of Stephen Scott’s work, so I had a million questions to ask him about minute details of how this music is conceived and executed. This talk gets very detailed—sort of an everything you ever wanted to know about the insides of a piano and weren’t afraid to ask approach—and, as such, is a bit of an indulgence. But I think it’s an indulgence worth indulging. Listen to the music and watch the video, and you’ll find yourself asking some of the questions I did.

Naming Names

For better or worse, everything has a name. Everything, that is, except the music we feature in this web magazine.

The Gospel According to John Corigliano

John Corigliano emphasizes the importance of “the world” over “our world,” challenging us always to see the bigger picture in order to be better composers, better listeners, and better citizens.