Sounds Heard

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about John Cage’s final definition of music, which is an extremely compact two-word koan: sounds heard.

Leonard Slatkin: Not Afraid of Anyone

Just as he can roll up his sleeves and be completely down to earth when interacting with musicians, National Symphony Orchestra Music Director Leonard Slatkin also doesn’t worry about the rank of anyone who might be sitting in the audience—even the president.

“No Longer New” Music

All too often when new work ceases to be new, it resides in a cast-off limbo, no longer welcome at the table with the new and not yet embraced by the avatars of the tried and true.

By Any Means Necessary?

If you’re writing music without getting compensated, are you: (1) a victim; (2) an opportunist scab; (3) a smart gambler; or (4) all of the above?

Missed Opportunities

What happens when you actually take the time to stop to listen to something without worrying about whether or not it conforms to your expectations?

Don’t Stop

There have been calls for abolishing the piano, recordings, and analysis on these pages recently; now Frank suggests eliminating intermissions.