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About Frank J. Oteri

Frank J. Oteri, New Music USA's Composer Advocate and the Senior Editor of NewMusicBox, is an outspoken crusader for new music and the breaking down of barriers between genres. Frank’s own musical compositions reconcile structural concepts from minimalism and serialism and frequently explore microtonality.

Don’t Stop

There have been calls for abolishing the piano, recordings, and analysis on these pages recently; now Frank suggests eliminating intermissions.

How Far Would You Go To Hear New Music?

I’ve travelled to San Francisco and Boston to hear new music in the past few weeks, but as wonderful as those experiences were, it’s a heck of a lot easier to listen to recordings if the repertoire you’re seeking is available that way.

Sweet Heresy

Sweet Heresy is an extremely unusual disc of duo performances on instruments created and performed by Untravelled Path, which is Mitsuko and Arthur Fankuchen of Taos, New Mexico. Theirs is an extraordinarily uncompromising slow and inward music inspired by musical traditions from around the world utilizing such instruments as bowed deep bass monochords played like […]


Elliott Carter gets a chance to hit a home run in Boston and Chicago at the same time, not even Bernie Williams can do that!