May The Force Be With You

I know that exciting new music performances happen around the country throughout the year, but April and May really do feel like a double contemporary American music month in New York City. But what can we do make a louder splash about new music among the general public?

Eight is Not Enough

Today we’re celebrating our eighth anniversary online, but it seems like we’ve still only scratched the surface.

After School Specialists

It’s hard to imagine two ensembles as different as eighth blackbird and ICE. But both formed at Oberlin, both are devoted exclusively to new music, and both are really successful at it.

Complaining Doesn’t Work

For the brief all-too-finite period of time of the ASCAP I Create Music Expo we were all one community, albeit one that is defiantly not monolithic, even within individual stylistic paradigms.

The Times They Are a Changing

I’m simultaneously ecstatic and somewhat puzzled by the choice of Ornette Coleman’s Sound Grammar as the winner of the 2007 Pulitzer Prize in Music

Bell Curve

It is impossible to assess the general public’s receptivity to “good music” from passers-by ignoring a performance by Joshua Bell; all you can assess from this stunt is the basic human need for filters and frames to guide perception.

Wendy’s World

From virtual orchestras and polymicrotonality to pioneering ambient music and switching on Bach, Wendy Carlos has created several musical worlds.