Humor in Music

Daniel Felsenfeld Paul Bowles wrote, in his autobiography, of watching his friend John Cage listening, for the first time, to an acetate of one of his own string quartets—and laughing inconsolably. For years, we have been swallowing Cage and the PR machine around him as a truly serious presence, as a composer in the great […]

View From Even Further East: The Importance of Being Europe

Daniel Felsenfeld Waiting in the Iberia terminal of New York’s JFK airport, I am more nervous than usual. The flight, much delayed, will soon spirit me away to Madrid, Spain; after a few connections I will ultimately end up in Gijon, Asturias, a small city on the north coast. There, at the jejune-but-mighty Piano España […]

Davidson Fellowship Given to 17-Year-Old Composer

Timothy Andres The Davidson Institute for Talent Development, which is a Nevada-based non-profit organization that has as its mission “…nurturing profoundly intelligent young people,” has awarded Timothy Andres, a gifted composer from Connecticut, one of its fellowships, which includes a $25,000 scholarship. Timothy, who is just beginning his studies at Yale University, has already composed […]

Another View: Who Owns It?

Daniel Felsenfeld I want to tell you a story about my new favorite composer. A few months ago a mass was performed by an amateur choral society. Commissioned for the occasion from a local composer/conductor Tristan Foison, the piece was given to the group gratis—they would have to pay no performance rights for this first […]

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