Total Immersion

By Dan Visconti
Opera requires two skills that are of supreme importance to all composers, but also skills that many composers find difficult to acquire.

Pay to Play

By Dan Visconti
While our jobs as composers certainly aren’t easy, many of the grants or opportunities we sometimes apply for require comparatively less investment than, say, planning and paying for an entire trip and then performing in a series of ever-more-competitive rounds.

The Great Indoors

By Dan Visconti
The fact that remarkable music is at times created amid the most plebian and un-panoramic circumstances is one of the things that makes it even more remarkable.

Coastal Shift

By Dan Visconti
In all creative lives there’s a necessity to balance the internal and external

Building to Scale

By Dan Visconti
One of the most important things I have realized about writing for the orchestra and other large forces is that, just as with Lego and Duplo, large ensembles can’t really be handled like small ensembles simply blown up to scale; they generally call for much broader gestures.

Vicarious Muse

By Dan Visconti
This might seem trivial and obvious, but I compose the kind of music that I want to listen to myself, and also the kind of music that I’d want to play if I retained any meaningful facility on an instrument.

The Pace of Being a Composer

By Dan Visconti
A function of my particular circumstances (composing mostly acoustic music for live performances) is that after a huge, tense period of composing in which my mind is primed, there is usually a long hiatus (sometimes as much as a year) before rehearsals, which frequently tend to be not much before the premiere date.

Senza Maestra

By Dan Visconti

If even a few ensembles of the caliber of the 18-piece East Coast Chamber Orchestra were to tour throughout the U.S. full-time, how much could be done to loosen the strangle-hold that our major orchestral institutions continue to exert over programming, commissioning, and the possibility of real progressive change?

Snowed Out

The “snowpocalypse” which has blanketed vast areas of the northeastern United States over the past week has even taken its toll on our intrepid world-traveling Chatterer

Kitten on the Keys

By Dan Visconti

A cat on your lap, or better on your keyboard, is one of the best things that a composer could ask for!