Why is it so difficult to get people interested in new music? Is our own professional weltschmerz so overpowering that even we can’t really get that giddy about it anymore?

Ivory Tower: Great Views, Rent Subsidized

I’d like to defend the legitimacy of the academic composer. I don’t fully grasp how one could be a composer in the USA without a university position and still manage to stay afloat financially.

Finishing Touches

The further into a piece of music you get, the less sense it makes; as composers we can explore this paradox.


Is there anyway to persuade the wealthy from buying seven-figure classical music relics and, instead, spend the cash on cultivating a rich musical culture; the likes of which that spawned icons like Beethoven?

Saving Lives

I’d like to focus this week on a particular musical urban legend: Everybody who’s hip to the Smiths seems to know someone who was saved from suicide by the their music.

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