Lost in the Shuffle

New music is capable of asking the hardest questions and challenging the most deeply sedimented assumptions. Do you really want to go through all that on the bus? That’s why there’s no new music on my iPod.

Periodic Parity

I’m convinced that new music would be easier to explain to younger students if introductory textbooks made a genuine effort to periodize it just as the preceding centuries’ music has been.

Pass the Mic

Wouldn’t it be ironic if our study of music with an eye toward the elevation of critical standards is leading us to accept more music (and more musicians), not less?

Fab Prefab

Analogous compositional plans have been used since the Middle Ages, but will the arrival of new media finally spawn new ways for composers to approach their materials, overshadowing more traditional methods.

I Got Game

What on earth do video games have to do with new music? Well, for starters, there’s a whole generation of composers who are intimately familiar with the canon (the standard rep as it were) of video game music.

Guaranteed to Break Your Heart

The affective, expressive content that’s supposedly the exclusive domain of tonal music can be analyzed, synthesized, and manufactured, and you don’t even need to bus senior citizens to Canada to get it cheaper.

So What Do You Think?

While an informed opinion is always more valuable than an uninformed opinion, listeners feel that they can speak openly about their opinions, informed or un-.