und am achten Tag

On December 5, H. Wiley Hitchcock, Karlheinz Stockhausen, and Andrew Imbrie all gave up their mortal forms, but they left us with their minds— signified by their corpuses of works, each of which was extensive.

Music, Correct At Least Twice a Day

Only now, 16 years later, is the irony fully apparent—that the technology that created a Goliath music industry also has served as the stone that threatens to topple it.

Sound Ecologies

The Japanese soundscape, whether in the office or outdoors in the neighborhood, is neither particularly silent nor even relatively quiet—it’s full, rich, and for the most part quite noisy.


What tricks or techniques do you have to get the creative juices flowing and that compositional ball rolling?

Use a Mic—Go To Jail?

There might be issues of inadvertent liability if you are trying to be particularly discrete when recording out in an urban setting and keeping your equipment under wraps.

Brian Eno’s Recording Studio as Sackbutt

Examining the gap between a teacher who somehow still likes to pick up and hold his music, and his students, to whom a song, a track, a tune, a composition, is as ephemeral as an infrared signal from a game controller.

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