Ticket Shock

It’s nice to have a chance to reflect on the events of the last two months, spent mostly stateside pretty much in full composer mode.

Practice, Practice

Tight rehearsal time is nothing new, but what is your list of groomed-for-zoom strategies?

Twittering While Chattering

In Fort Worth, I saw—and heard—a gregarious and lively group of birds which produced some of my most enjoyable sonic moments in a long while.


After some years of being quite out of vogue, “tape” concerts seem to be coming back.


Nothing is more effective in getting the creative juices flowing than some time spent in a foreign country where large parts of the language and culture are new.

Steal This Column

Lessig celebrates “amateur culture,” where people produce for the
love of what they are doing and not for the money; but where does that
leave professionals, those of us who seek to be in the happy position of
actually making a living doing what we love?

Yoi otoshi wo

The Japanese have a word for the feeling at the end of the year, shiwasu (teachers running), and it all leads up to a climactic December 31 eve when…everybody stays home.

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