Swords Into Chords

A cool webpage which encapsulates the notion of positive transformation, turning bad into good with a musical component.

An Interview with Gene Coleman

In 2001 Coleman was a recipient of one of the residence grants supported by Japan-US Friendship Commission, and he used his time to make important connections so as to lay the groundwork for future

Touring In the Land of the Rising Yen

Getting in touch with people as a visitor to Japan without asking for a gig, or simply making contacts by attending events such as concerts, openings, receptions, and so forth can be important first steps to performing here.

A Sweeter Technology

Anyone else out there have experience building “turnkey” systems for instrumentalists to use?

Screen Play in the Park

Screen Play is a musical score realized as a video projection by Christian Marclay in which found film footage, all black and white, is combined with general simple computer animation to create a visual projection interpreted by live musicians.

Shanghai Express: The eARTS Festival 2008 Report

eARTS Festival 2008, a city-wide endeavor with the theme of “Urbanized Landscape,” sought to bring together art and technology, fuse tradition and modernity, provide a major international platform for artists from around the world, and reach traditional and new audiences.

Noise Will Be Noise

In my view, a festival that strives to be broad and encompass many styles cannot ignore artists who use noise and volume as part of their aesthetic.

Atlantic 231

A number of European trains are named after composers, and not just the most famous ones from the 18th and 19th centuries. I’ve always wished that there was an American train named in honor of our great musical heritage, an Aaron Copland perhaps, or a Henry Cowell.

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