Always Ask More Questions

For the first time in my life as a “professional” composer, I disappointed a commissioner: she wanted a piece for her daughter that was ready to play but, in her assessment, that is not what I delivered.


McDonalds knows that if you get the kids interested in your product they will stay with you virtually all of their lives. What would happen if we could pull that off with new music?

No PhD Required

I heard a colleague remark that in order to understand a new work one first needed to know the classical music repertoire; I could not disagree more.


Let’s concede for the moment that a lot of educational music out there is truly junk. So then, what is causing this low level of quality fare?

Our Kid Was In Heaven

Last Wednesday my husband and I took our three year old to her first concert—the annual Garden of Memory Summer Solstice Concert in Oakland. There was no rule as to whom or where you listened, and our kid was in heaven.

Why Are Kids Better?

Time again and again I have witnessed concert halls packed with avid followers for youth orchestras and often these ensembles have better precision and musicality than many adult community orchestras.

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