Just Do It

Last month by coincidence one of my student’s endeavors was highlighted in Chatter’s Friday Informer. The project is a new music ensemble comprised and run solely by teens. No one over 18 allowed.

Can Jazz Educate More Than Classical?

How is it that jazz has become the vehicle for the resurgence of robust music programs in the schools while classical music, and its offspring (arguably US) still find it a challenge to be seen as relevant to arts education in the United States?

A Glaring Omission

There is not a single grant that specifically provides commission funds to composers wishing to work with amateur or youth groups.

The Write of Winter

Those of us who teach are inundated with numerous requests from current and former students to write letters of recommendation for them at this time of year, as the deadlines for their applications to schools loom large.

Actually, It’s Those Who Can

It used to be that composers were not taken seriously if they chose to do commercial work; now the pendulum has swung and it is the professorial types who are getting the stones thrown at them.

A Small World that is a Universe

I’ve yet to hear anyone actually go on record and identify available work that’s suitable for educating young students; for me, some shining examples are the pieces collected in Bartok’s Mikrokosmos.

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