All In the Family

How do you legitimize the right of young persons’ music to be listened to by an audience beyond their peers?

Enlisting Civilians

For most of us, it seems to come down to believing whether the majority of people have the ability to appreciate non-commercial contemporary music.

Those Who Do and Teach

Why do so many composers shy away from declaring themselves pedagogues; do we actually believe that “those who can’t do, teach?”

As Effective as Online Dating

Perhaps it is time to take matters into our own hands and create something like for facilitating the creation and playing of new music by young players.

Joining the Pod People

There’s nothing more revealing than borrowing colleagues’ MP3 players; it can be a revelatory window into their psyches, not only for what they listen to, but how they listen and organize.

Woman Composer

At a time when there are more female role models, mentors, and opportunities, the number of women entering composition looks as if it is drying up.

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