I think that most of us will agree that there are living composers who write music that fits the description of being beautiful, so why do we continue to program, rehearse, and hear so much mediocre sacred music?

Is it Over Yet?

When our sacred music gets mixed up with buying batteries or pain relievers in October–well, it makes me want to take a stronger pain reliever.

A Few Footnotes

We’ve had some fascinating questions regarding faith and some fascinating remarks about religion and somehow tied it all together with sacred music.

Working in Mysterious Ways

Do those who worship really listen to the music that is being offered? We certainly hear from those who disliked the music, but do we hear from those when they are truly touched by it?

Full of Grace: Composing Sacred Music

I’ve been invited to create a blog where we can discuss the issues of composing sacred music. Although I don’t intend to discuss beliefs specifically, I do believe sacred music doesn’t have to be about suffering—or guilt