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Fast Forward Austin 2013

The goals of Fast Forward Austin are to provide a forum for local and national performers of new music, to explore new performance spaces, and to enhance educational opportunities for underserved communities. With a pentient for variety and an eye on the visual, this year’s show built on past accomplishments and added a half dozen commissions to boot.

CLOTS at the Museum of Human Achievement in Austin

Created by composer and percussionist Nick Hennies, electro-acoustic musician/visual artist Sean O’Neill, and designer/UT lecturer Clay Odom, CLOTS is performed in a museum-like environment in which the audience members can move throughout the space and spend whatever amount of time they like experiencing the art.

Austin: New Concert Reboot

By acting as a clearing house for collaborative work and by moving concert music to different venues, Jacqueline Perrin’s Classical Reinvention project is bringing music to a new audience.

No Idea Festival 2013: Improv Anywhere

Chris Cogburn recently curated the 10th annual No Idea Festival with six concerts in Austin and San Antonio. Hailed by the Paris Transatlantic as “one of the finest improvised festivals in the world,” this year’s gathering featured performances by nineteen musicians who made domestic treks from Austin, Houston, Jackson, and New York, as well as those who braved customs with loads of arcane gear from New Zealand, Germany, France, and Mexico.

eighth blackbird: Shifted During Flight

“I didn’t expect it to be so charming…” I heard the above quote in the foyer during the intermission of the first of two concerts scheduled during their residency with Texas Performing Arts, and I’m inclined to agree.

New Music in New Places: After Hours Concerts in Austin

Nielsen and (most of) his Bel Cuore cohorts held court at the Austin Beerworks brewery, located in a warehouse in North Austin. The ticket price for the show covered admittance to the concert, a few beers 1, and an ABW pint glass. Not a bad deal.

String Quartet Smackdown! In Austin

Featuring sixteen quartet compositions chosen anonymously from among over 100 entries, the organizers of Golden Hornet Project’s “String Quartet Smackdown!” ran a recent concert like the last few rounds of the NCAA basketball tournament. Audience members voted on which quartet would advance.

Blanton Soundspace: Space and Symmetry

This installment of the Soundspace series was arguably the most ambitious to date. The fact that it was the largest turn out yet is a testament to the quality of the music and the hunger Austin audiences have for new and interesting music.