Accommodating Dissonance

By Alexandra Gardner

Situations ranging from a bout of the flu, the needs of family members, or forces of nature can and do occur at totally unpredictable times, causing scheduling snafus ranging from missed events to having to push back composing deadlines—the ultimate forms of life dissonance.

Generation Gap Carousel

By Alexandra Gardner

It seems that the older generation should be proud of, not to mention reap the benefits of, the years they spent building musical roadways, while the younger generation, which is (and should be) taking advantage of those routes and repaving them using their own materials—as the generation after them will surely do—can always be learning from the past.

‘Tis the Season

By Alexandra Gardner
I thought I would put together a selection of iPhone apps—in no particular order*#8212;that have made their way into my musical life this year, to inspire those of you who may find iTunes gift cards in your stockings.

Process This

By Alexandra Gardner

Lately quite a few people have been asking me about issues surrounding audio production and electronic music composition, such as tips and tricks to help effectively incorporate electronic music into their instrumental compositions. I wanted to share my reply to a student’s inquiry.

Oscar Bettison: Outsider Sounds

Upon first listen to composer Oscar Bettison’s music, most striking are the strangely disconcerting yet beguiling sound worlds that are created with relatively standard instrumental forces.

Don’t Mess With Texas

By Alexandra Gardner

It is truly exciting when audiences grow accustomed to, and in fact expect to interact with, both the musicians performing the music and the composers creating that music.

D.M.A. vs. NYC

By Alexandra Gardner

Composers working within academic settings throughout the country, and composers working outside of academia (whether or not in big cities) tend to have very different musical world views and value systems.

Sounds Heard: Anat Fort Trio—And If

The strength of And If is its versatility and elegant simplicity. It draws the listener in through solid compositional structure combined with dexterous trio interactions, plus a spare and spacious approach to the musical landscapes presented.

Drama Queen

By Alexandra Gardner

One of the greatest things about new music is simply that it’s new, and there are no preconceptions about how it’s supposed to be performed. I think I am understanding in a deeper way that my music needs to be played with drama.