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What do you do?

By Alexandra Gardner

The very American question, “So, what do you do?” at least on the East Coast, is usually the first question asked when meeting new people.

Anger is Not the Only Form of Zeal

The title of this post is taken from an eloquent blog post by Matthew Guerrieri, in response to this essay by Justin Davidson about the “New New York School” of composers. In a nutshell, Davidson complains that for all the talent evident in the bustling New York City new music scene, the actual music written by composers represented in current festivals such as Tully Scope, the Tune-In Festival, and the Ecstatic Music Festival is “shockingly tame.”

Composer Emerging

By Alexandra Gardner

Does an “emerging composer” turn into a straight up “composer” by finishing a doctoral degree, getting a tenure track teaching position or receiving a commission from a major orchestra?

Sounds Heard: Robert Poss—Settings

Although the fourteen works on Robert Poss’s latest CD, Settings: Music for Dance, Film, Fashion and Industry were made to be combined with other forces such as dance, they also stand on their own and together form an assortment of music full of interest and variety.

Creating A World

One of the greatest strengths of John Luther Adams is his ability to remind us through his music that the world is indeed a sacred space to be cherished and treated with the utmost respect.

Strength in Numbers

By Alexandra Gardner

Because the #DWG Twitter event (that stands for Dead White Guys) has already been expertly summarized, I’m not going to attempt any such thing. Rather, I’m interested in addressing why there are not more women (and other non-#DWGs) writing contemporary classical music.