Roundtable: Let’s Make a List

Alex Shapiro

Money has nothing to do with the quality of anyone’s music. That said, for those who choose to put together a living from composing, there are myriad avenues for monetizing one’s output—which can offer both exciting opportunities and an overwhelming career equation to solve.

In Response: You’re an Artist AND an Entrepreneur


No authentic, talented artist is ever going to forget the importance of the quality of the art that they create just because they wish to earn a living from it. Only once an artist has wrangled those ingredients can they attempt to monetize them.

What I Learned About My Tiny Business From Paramount Pictures

Internet connection

I was invited to testify before the Federal Communications Commission in the fall of 2009 about two issues: digital piracy and rural broadband access. The former, because I am a composer, and the latter, because I am a composer who lives on a small, remote, bridge-less island floating off the coast of the United States who has created and managed her career largely on the internet.

The Impact of NPAC

I returned home from Denver with a renewed focus and excitement about what I’d like to accomplish this summer. That kind of clarity is a byproduct of the vibration that comes from being surrounded by several thousand art-makers and art-supporters, and I can’t think of the last time I was part of a specialized herd that large. It’s reassuring to know just how many of us there are out there.

Making an Asset Out of Your eSelf

It’s never been easier to build fan bases and generate income from our work; your enpixelated interface with the world is where your income generation will often begin.

DBA: Three Good Notes, Three Necessary Initials

There are two important reasons for a composer to acquire a DBA (“Doing Business As”): one has to do with money, the other with privacy. And if you are doing business under any name other than your own, it’s required by law.

Would you describe yourself as a neo-romantic? Why (not)? 1

Alex ShapiroPhoto by Jeremy Davidson I don’t think tonality and overt melody ever left the building, but in some circles they were like a couple of illicit lovers locked in a small broom closet for quite a while. Until very recently, the perceived power in the concert music world came largely from universities, conservatories and […]