Yehudi Wyner Signs with Associated Music Publishers

Yehudi Wyner
Yehudi Wyner
photo by Susan Davenny Wyner

Associated Music Publishers, Inc. has announced the signing of Yehudi Wyner to an exclusive five-year agreement in which the company will represent the music formerly self-published by Wyner.

“It’s been a long exile, but I feel I’m coming home,” said Wyner after his 10-year absence from Associated Music Publishers. “[Schirmer/AMP has] participated in the evolution of a thriving enterprise. . .supported above all by faith and vision and by the clearheaded belief that business and quality are not irreconcilable antagonists.”

Schirmer/AMP vice president Susan Feder observes, “Yehudi Wyner possesses a rare gift of compelling, expressive, immediate, individual musicianship. We welcome him home and are delighted once again to have the opportunity to bring music of such quality to a place of wider recognition and appreciation.”

With his return, Wyner brings a diverse catalog of works for orchestra, chamber ensemble, chorus, voice, solo instrumental works, liturgical settings, as well as music for klezmer ensemble.

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