Would you describe yourself as a neo-romantic? Why (not)? Andrew Violette

Andrew Violette
Photo by Barbara Nitke

Minimalism, neo-romanticism haven’t been cutting edge for thirty years. Tinkering with new timbres goes back to musique concrète in the 1940’s. Tinkering with the computer goes back to the turn of the last century. Microtonalism: Cowell, Ives, and the ancient Greeks.

My own innovations have been structural. The colorfield form (two examples of which are included in my Seventh Sonata, recently released on Innova 587) and the performance form (from my recent Six Performances) I would consider maximalism in minimalism.

I’m at a loss to label myself but that I seek to record in sound “pure memory” (i.e. “all the events of our daily life”) [quotes from Matter and Memory by Henri Bergson]. Like Proust, I see duration as composed of qualitative not quantitative differentiations.