When did first you know that you would be a composer and what is the earliest work that you still acknowledge?

Lori Dobbins Lori Dobbins
“…when I was an undergraduate studying music at San Jose State University…I realized that I was keenly interested in the structure and language(s) of music…and needed to develop a deeper understanding of composition, and of music in general…”
Andrew Imbrie Andrew Imbrie
“…I became a Wagner fan. I got to be very interested in the ‘Ring’. That was my ‘Star Wars’. I made a collection of all the leitmotifs the way other kids made stamp collections. And so I wanted to write operas…”
Barbara Kolb Barbara Kolb
“…I recall sitting at the piano in my grandmother’s house improvising scenarios I would create in my mind…e.g.: galloping horses, stalking scenes, rippling water – anything that enters the minds of 5 year olds…”
Steve Mackey Steve Mackey
“…The clincher was when, upon hearing a low marimba roll in a George Crumb piece, I asked the teacher how the composer knew that it was going to sound so cool. His reply was, “He is a composer, it’s his job to know.” I wanted that job!…”
Olly Wilson Olly Wilson
“…As a child, I started studying the piano. As part of that, I’m sure I was already picking tunes out on the piano…”