What would inspire you to think about multiple voices as a compositional option? Easley Blackwood

Easley Blackwood

For me, the greatest stimulation regarding a new work is the assurance of a competent performance. An old friend who is a genuine music lover has recently asked me to compose a setting of the Magnificat for four-part unaccompanied chorus. There are many settings of the Magnificat, going back to the 15th century, and I have found one as recent as 1989. Although 20th century composers have made a number of settings, the Magnificat seems to have had little interest for composers of the Romantic period. I am presently thinking of a style that might resemble Franck, Sibelius, or Rachmaninoff, although more study will be needed before coming to a final decision. In any event, I am looking forward to the project with great interest.