What prompted you to build instruments and what role should instrument builders have in shaping the future of music?

Carlene HutchinsCarlene Hutchins:
The $75 viola I bought for myself at Wurlitzer’s didn’t have as good a tone as I had hoped and since I had worked in wood all my life, I thought I might try to make myself one…
Ed KottickEd Kottick:
…although a table or desk can look nice, it makes no sound; it’s only value is as something to put something on. But an instrument is not only a visually aesthetic object, it also makes music…
C.F. Martin IVC.F. Martin IV:
Every one of our instruments holds inside it a certain wooden magic, inherited from the trees…
David MonetteDavid Monette:
…My job is to…get the equipment out of the player’s way…
Robert MoogRobert Moog:
…the question of what role instrument builders should have in shaping the future of music cannot be answered, because it is simply not possible to separate the evolution of musical instruments from the evolution of music itself.
Charles J. RufinoCharles J. Rufino:
Making great instruments takes a lot of heart, and a much smaller amount of brains, so you have plenty of spare mental capacity along with time to think.
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