What is the best possible way for someone to be introduced to your music? Miguel Del Aguila

What is the best possible way for someone to be introduced to your music? Miguel Del Aguila

The best way to introduce my music to listeners is ideally in a concert hall, well rehearsed, well performed and to a discriminating audience. Of course this ideal situation seldom happens nowadays when orchestras have budgets (and egomaniac conductors) allowing almost no rehearsal time for a new work. They consider it more necessary to use the little rehearsal time their budget allows in “little” known works like Beethoven’s 5th Symphony or Tchaikowsky’s Pathetic…

Because of this situation I actually prefer that my music is introduced in a good recording and heard by listeners who are ready to concentrate and dedicate their full attention to what they are about to hear. This medium also assures that I will get a consistently good performance every time the CD is played…

Sometimes, performers do composers the honor of using one of their works as an encore. This is probably the best way to have my works heard because the audience has heard a full concert program and is now predisposed to hear the best music and the best performance. However performers always forget to write the performance of these works on the performance log and composers don’t get paid royalties for these performances which are often numerous. I wish performers (and audiences) wouldn’t put composers on pedestals; instead I wish that they would be better informed and sensitive to the daily needs of composers, which includes being paid!

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