What is the best possible way for someone to be introduced to your music? Augusta Read Thomas

This answer is applying to all music, NOT mine in particular! The best possible way for someone to be introduced to any music is to follow a work from start to finish. Reflect, keep an open heart, be generous, open you ears to all surprises, sing along when possible, dance along if possible, feel the impulses, be creative, be honest, be PASSIONATE, and have fun!

Learn about the imagination and the nature of the musical ideas in a discussion with the composer and performers, read the score if applicable but certainly not mandatory (especially in the case of improvisation), attend all rehearsals, hear the premiere performance live and up close, speak to all the musicians, hear a recording of the premiere performance, survey and understand the revisions made by the composer or musicians, hear the revised and final version score in live rehearsal and performance.

Note in the sounds what is musical, vivid, visionary, creative, sympathetic, personal, daring, and sensitive and enjoy those things, among others.

Great music is pure joy and very hard to create.