What impact will a work inspired by current events have years later?

What impact will a work inspired by current events have years later?

As a counterpoint to our focus on how current events are influencing composers, we asked another group of composers to reflect on pieces they had written in response to events in previous decades.

As memories of the events that inspired these works fade in our collective consciousness, what messages do they continue to have for us today?

John Corigliano John Corigliano on his Symphony No. 1
…I look forward to the time when my symphony will be heard all over…with no mention of AIDS…as a tragic symphony—like Tchaikovsky’s Sixth.
George Crumb George Crumb on Black Angels
…I think that when I hear this piece played in very recent times, I’m struck with the haunting sense that here we go again.
Victoria Jordanova Victoria Jordanova on Requiem for Bosnia
Works of art, as opposed to technology and science, do not “age”; they are always up to date.
Bright Sheng Bright Sheng on H’un (Lacerations): In Memoriam 1966-1976
Ever since I was a composer, I had wanted to write an orchestra work expressing my direct feelings and recollections about the Cultural Revolution…

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