What do you feel should be the requirements for a composer to be included in the Grove?

Alvin Singleton Alvin Singleton
“Every time your name appears somebody sees it and whether they know what you actually do or how well you do it is probably less important. But at least from my political point of view, I don’t think it means that one composer is better than another.”
John Melby John Melby
“What does “adequately represented” mean? Does it imply some sort of quota system—some specific number of composers included for every 100,000 in terms of population for each country, for example?”
Carla Scaletti Carla Scaletti
“Awards are, of course, political and geography/social class dependent. We all know that.”
Frank Ticheli Frank Ticheli
“There is a bias against those whose music is perceived by the editors to be outside—or beneath—the mainstream (e.g., many gifted film composers and the almost entirely overlooked group of composers who create meaningful, artistic, and widely performed music for young musicians).”
Thomas Oboe Lee Thomas Oboe Lee
“I guess it would be an honor to see one’s name listed in that most sought-after book of reference. But, in all honesty, is it really that important?”
Anne LeBaron Anne LeBaron
“The priorities that are established tend to be self-perpetuating, to the exclusion, or diminution, of everything else.”
Paul Moravec Paul Moravec
“I look to Grove’s to include composers whose works are, among many other admirable attributes, timeless and universal.”