What are you looking for in pieces of new piano music? Teresa McCollough

Teresa McCollough
Photo by Bob Adler

I don’t think I’m looking for anything different in “new” piano music, than I would look for in the standard repertoire. I am interested in playing music that is challenging and engaging—both to me, and the listener. I try to choose works that create a balanced program—to reflect the broad array of compositional styles being written today. I am less interested in playing a concert of works from only one composer, or style, than I am in exploring a range of musical expression that holds my attention and that I believe audiences will like.

We go to concerts to be stimulated, and to be moved. As a performer who’s interested in creating an audience for new music, I try to keep that in mind. How will the piece I’m choosing fit into the overall program, and can I communicate it clearly, and effectively, to the audience? Will we all enjoy it?