What are you looking for in pieces of new piano music? Sara Laimon

What are you looking for in pieces of new piano music? Sara Laimon

Sara Laimon
Photo by Ron Gilfillan

I love to be surprised by the music I play. Usually I approach a new piece without any set expectations and look forward to the process of discovering the voice of the composer. I’m not looking for a specific style—more accurately, I’m seeking a composition that reflects something personal from its creator. This can range from being a bold or intimate statement, to being a purely intellectual realization of an idea. I enjoy the process of ‘figuring out’ a new score and making sense of something that at first glance seems illogical.

Regardless of length or style, I value compositions that offer ample room for interpretation. I am always game to approach a difficult score, and take pleasure in conquering a score that forces me to develop both technically and musically. However, I have little interest in meeting the challenges of a composition that can be more successfully realized by a computer. It should go without saying though that the composer’s ability to effectively notate a score, and to anticipate the many demands of good keyboard writing, facilitate the interpretive process. I very much enjoy being actively involved in the development of new music for the piano—both for the music itself and the interaction with the composers.

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