What are you looking for in pieces of new piano music? Mirian Conti

Mirian Conti
Photo courtesy Truckenbrod Concert Artists

Is it so difficult to express your ideas and emotions as a composer through plain Music? To me, a good composition is like a good novel. First of all the language has to follow the rules of the proper, intelligent, and original use of words, so that when you put it together it reads fluently, coherently, and it follows a major theme with many little side stories so that in the end it all comes together in a satisfactory conclusion (whether it is happy or tragic, it does not matter). Musically speaking, the same rules apply: a coherent musical syntax and thematic structure and musical sensitivity. (Do not forget your emotions!)

To me, rhythm, or a sense of pulse throughout the piece, a forward momentum, a thematic relationship and a human sense of proportion regarding length, are of the utmost importance in a good work. Whether your musical language is tonal, atonal, a mixture of both, it will not matter as long as the overall structure and emotional content are well planned. In the end, you must be a darn good composer with something really important to say to get me interested in your work.