Transmission Tenderloin

Transmission Tenderloin

Created as part of Chris Brown and Guillermo Galindo’s Transmission Series, Transmission Tenderloin was originally broadcast outside on four different FM radio frequencies during a street fair in San Francisco. As translated for this disc, the piece works best on headphones so you get to experience the surround sound bounce of the electronic beats and breaths around your head.

I’m not usually a fan of reading liner notes before listening, but for this piece it may help to set the mood. In live performance, “the audience brings in their own radio receivers and becomes a moving sound system for the piece—sounds jump from one radio to the next as they move around an outdoor performance space. The Tenderloin neighborhood, close to downtown San Francisco, is known for its large homeless population, a thriving drug and sex trade, but also for the vitality of its multi-ethnic community. This music was broadcast from the roof of the Tenderloin Recreation Center down into the ongoing party in the streets of the neighborhood below.”


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