The Moon Camera

Pining for the good ol’ days of Xeroxed punk zines and all those mysterious fly by night publications whose purpose is all but inscrutable? Well, if you’re an electronic music fan, you’re in luck. The latest Sonic Circuits compilation comes all pimped out, sealed in a Ziploc bag complete with a 9-page typewritten booklet and stickers: one mimics the famed Andre the Giant, claiming “Brain Eno has a posse;” and another slaps John Cage’s mug over Tupac Shakur’s torso, flipping us the finger. As cute as all of this is, substance triumphs over style, musically speaking, on the disc sporting 12 composers, each with a distinct approach to the medium. Known for soldering double breasted jackets and other wearables with electronic circuitry, Peter Blasser’s “The Moon Camera” is a moody rumination of drones, ring modulators, and fake bossa nova-like beats which spans the academic high-ground and DIY lo-fi, landing somewhere decidedly outfield. With a breathy yet nerdy delivery, Blasser’s croons, “I am in Topeka. I have an amoeba.” Pseudo-pop tunes like this prove there’s a worthy poetic void waiting be further exploited within the tangential nature of popular music.