The Friday Informer: Welcome to Bedlam

The Friday Informer: Welcome to Bedlam

  • It’s difficult to be a composer, but we are here and we have no fear. That, or we’re just plain crazy.

    Photo of the Week
     David Rakowski's House
    What lurks in the houses of composers? David Rakowski invites his website visitors over for a look around the homestead. I count at least five keyboards and a cat.

  • Socially awkward? Um, check.

  • Or perhaps we’re all secretly Satanists?

  • Ever seen an enraged musician drop a colleague with a lead pipe? Those student composers awards are coming up later this month, so mind your knee caps.

  • “A second is a long time. You can get 4 or 5 recognizable ideas across in a second.” A little something for the unmedicated A.D.D. composers in the crowd.

  • Think you hear the last notes of Synchronisms No. 6 when you’re walking down the street lately? Relax. You’re not the only one.

  • Then again, maybe we’re not crazy. Maybe it’s them. [via The Rambler]

  • But if you think you’ve seen Elvis, there’s really nothing we can do for you.

And on an unrelated note: Thank god this performance will be running for a while. Otherwise, the NYTimes might have missed it.

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