The Friday Informer: Pssst, Did You Hear?

The Friday Informer: Pssst, Did You Hear?

Overheard on 57th St.: I just played Carnegie Hall; I’m going to take a cab!

You don’t have to tell faithful blogger Pliable, but it looks like our favorite write (even if it’s wrong) journo had to face some unpleasant facts (or at least his publisher was forced to.) Silly critics and their absent fact checkers.

Not to get down on the critics, mind you. Elsewhere they are being hailed as heroes, reducing decades to couplets and end rhyme. Still, is it as good as Holland’s imagery? Frankly, I’d settle for a reduction of Taruskin. Hey, it’s 12,000 words, which some may like but others—eh, not so much.

Classical music critic may be a thankless task this week (unless you’re Alex Ross), but I bet classical music personal assistant is even more fun. It’s probably best to not even try to help the audience. They will just complain about it. Or someone will tell you it’s all illegal.

If you’re tired of hearing about all the noise (particularly the male kind), Tan Dun will take the noise. But what if no noise is the only good noise? And how long before the noise just stops?

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