The Friday Informer: I Call Dibs on Anna Nicole Smith—The Opera

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What scary things hath sampling wraught?

Do composers living in warm climates write faster music than those in the Arctic? I don’t know how you all feel about cantometrics, but New York has finally succumbed to actual winter temperatures, and it seems to have us all moving a little more slowly. Icy walkways, bulky layers, and our fiendish attachments to our iPods do pose some risks, but our civic leaders are working tirelessly to protect us from our music. Now if only they’d return the favor and protect us from their music. Microtones do not become the Senator. [via Slate]

Now, I’m not a girl who apologizes for her pop music passions, but I didn’t think that the much-praised halftime strutting that Prince served at the Super Bowl was nearly as fantastic as the post-game press tried to make us believe. Apparently, however, I can be talked into it. I did see some applause-worthy musical action this week, but I’ve been asked to keep my enthusiasm to myself. If I may not clap during the performance, however, I hope they will still permit the musicians to do so. [via Sequenza21]

Steve Jobs is considering dropping the much-discussed DRM from iTunes tracks, and the people have responded. And no, we’re not the only ones.

Alex is done with The Book and is back to blogging with a vicious seriousness. Professor McJebbie, meanwhile, is taking this opportunity to duck out and start his own tome.

And confession time: Who’s already started writing Anna Nicole Smith—The Opera?

2 thoughts on “The Friday Informer: I Call Dibs on Anna Nicole Smith—The Opera

  1. operabase

    Molly Sheridan wrote (Feb 9 2007):

    And confession time: Who’s already started writing Anna Nicole Smith—The Opera?

    From the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden:

    A major event in the UK arts calendar will be the premiere of Anna
    a new work by British composer Mark-Anthony Turnage and writer
    Richard Thomas on Thursday 17 February 2011. With his worldwide
    reputation as one of the leading composers of our time, Turnage’s
    previous operas include Greek (1988) and The Silver Tassie (2004). A
    musician and comedian as well as a writer, Thomas was one of the
    co-creators of the controversial West End hit Jerry Springer: the
    . Their new work looks at the high-profile celebrity lifestyle of
    the American glamour model and actress Anna Nicole Smith, who died in
    2007 after an apparent drug overdose at the age of 39. Leading
    director Richard Jones stages the production, with Royal Opera music
    director Antonio Pappano conducting and Dutch soprano Eva-Maria
    as Anna Nicole.

    Be careful what you wish for …



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