Sperry and Foil

Here’s a gem of a download from Donna Summer, uh, I mean Jason Forrest. Despite the fact that “Sperry and Foil” has been kicking around the Cock Rock Disco site for a while now, as well as appearing on Forrest’s latest EP titled Lady Fantasy, the track is still available as an MP3 in its full 7½-minute glory. For an artist classified by Pitchfork as breakcore techno, it’s surprising to find Forrest in chill-pill mode, restraining himself from his usual glitzy blitzkrieg. Inspired by, and likely sampled from, krautrock legend Neu!, Forrest gives the geeks the odd-meter rhythm orgasm they crave by throwing in some lovely 16-beat chunks that have a catchy 7+9 groove. The track is so atypically conciliatory in comparison to Forrest’s usual fare, you might even get away with playing it at your next cocktail party without freaking anybody out—depending on who your friends are of course.