Soundtracks: July 1999

Soundtracks: July 1999

For our third issue of NewMusicBox, we have expanded the scope of SoundTracks. In addition to featuring the cover and complete track information for all new recordings of American music that we can get our hands on, we are also featuring sound samples of every recording. So rather than hearing us rave about one of these discs, you can judge for yourself!

The array of music being released, once again, is stunning. From a passionate double concerto by Katherine Hoover to a “reggae symphony” by Hayden Wayne, from the totally controlled yet spontaneous-sounding compositional rigour of Robert Erickson to the totally improvised yet intricately-woven sonic tapestries of Joseph Jarman, from previously unavailable historic recordings of music by George Gershwin and Captain Beefheart to the long-awaited re-release of Douglas Moore’s The Ballad of Baby Doe starring Beverly Sills … These are but a few of the sounds awaiting you herein.

As in the past, most of these new recordings are only a click away from being purchased on, making them easier to get a hold of than ever before.

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