Sounds Heard: Corigliano, Rolnick, Wuorinen, and Source: Music of the Avant Garde

Various Artists
Source Records 1-6, 1968-1971
Pogus Productions

Pogus Productions has collected the recordings that were originally released in the late ’60s and early ’70s as part of the legendary new music magazine Source: Music of the Avant Garde and rereleased them on a 3-CD set.
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John Corigliano
Circus Maximus
Naxos of America

The premiere of Corigliano’s ambitious and extravagant wind band piece in 2005 at the University of Texas has become somewhat notorious; Naxos presents the piece on recording for the first time.
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Neil Rolnick
The Economic Engine
Neil Rolnick’s latest release features collaborations with the usual suspects, and proves that he just keeps getting better with each piece. >>Read More

Charles Wuorinen
Albany Records
The latest of Charles Wuorinen’s releases on Albany concentrates on works for two players, with all of his usual gnarly charms. >>Read More