Pauline Oliveros’s newest CD, Primordial/Lift, might leave you standing on your head. Her writing is influenced by Gregg Braden’s book on the shift occurring in the Earth’s resonant frequency, which outlines a change from 7.8hz in 1960 to 8.6hz in 1994. According to Braden, the measurement will rise to 13hz by 2010 and, concurrently, the magnetic field of the Earth will dwindle down to zero. In short, this will cause the Earth’s polarity to reverse. That’s right—North will become South and vice versa. Using oscillators, Oliveros simulates the change in frequency from 7.8hz to 13hz, adding statics, space-like blurbs, and her unmistakable accordion. If your world needs a bit of shift, this CD is a good way to get the blood pumping or at least a quick face-lift.