On the Money: New Music Funding in the United States

Created following Virgil Thomson‘s death in 1989, the Foundation was a welcome addition to the scant funds for new music. It has quickly become a mainstay for new music ensembles and presenters, especially in New York, and it also supports service organizations. The Foundation is administered in the New York law office of James Kendrick: Brown, Raysman, Millstein, Felder & Steiner, LLP.

The Virgil Thomson Foundation (like the Charles Ives Foundation and the Aaron Copland Fund, both administered in the same office) includes in its purposes the performance, preservation, and dissemination of the writing and music of its namesake. Its historical reason for being is thus part and parcel of its work, unlike most funds left by music patrons. The balance between general new music support and specific Virgil Thomson projects can vary, especially in a major Thomson year. That may be a while coming, in spite of the growing popularity of his operas; Thomson’s 150th birthday year will be in 2046.

From On the Money: New Music Funding in the United States
by Theodore Wiprud
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