On the Money: New Music Funding in the United States

When Doris Duke, the colorful tobacco heiress, died in 1998, she left a $1 billion fortune to a foundation in her name, which instantly became one of America’s leading national arts supporters. The Foundation has modeled its initial years of arts giving closely on Doris Duke’s personal love for modern dance and jazz.

Faced with an immediate need to get $23 million out the door, and with minimal staff, the Doris Duke Foundation in its first two years solicited requests from well-known presenters and service organizations. Multimillion-dollar support went to the National Performance Network, New England Foundation for the ArtsNational Dance Project, and Association of Performing Arts PresentersArts Partners–all of which support new music tangentially. Large grants to the Brooklyn Academy of Music, Jazz at Lincoln Center, the Walker Art Center, Chamber Music America, and National Public Radio, support new jazz a bit more directly. The Foundation plans increasing support for jazz through new programs for jazz presenters and ensembles.

From On the Money: New Music Funding in the United States
by Theodore Wiprud
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