Music Library Association Awards Recognize American Music Scholars

John Corigliano
Music Library Association

At the annual meeting of the Music Library Association, held in New York, NY, the 2001 Dena Epstein Award for Archival and Library Research in American Music was granted to Ruth A. Inman, Elizabeth Bergman Crist and Roberta Lindsey. The award endowment was established through a generous gift from Morton and Dena Epstein to the Music Library Association in 1995. Dena Epstein personally presented the awards to the recipients attending the meeting.

The Vincent H. Duckles Award was given for the best book-length bibliography or research tool published in 1999. Two authors received awards for their work: David Fallows, for A Catalogue of Polyphonic Songs, 1415-1480, published by Oxford University Press; and James Sinclair, for A Descriptive Catalogue of the Music of Charles Ives, published by Yale University Press.

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