Monologue with Accompaniment

The string of CDs released under Lucky Kitchen’s Sparkling Composers Series implies a global subculture of musicians and audio artists creating electronic music using acoustic means—or the reverse—without prejudice, someplace where “uptown” and “downtown” never even existed. If the 2001 release Monologue with Accompaniment by Aerospace Soundwise (a.k.a. Todd A. Carter) escaped your radar when it was first released, you might want to checkout what you missed. An MP3 featured on Lucky Kitchen’s website (a live excerpt from an Aerospace Soundwise performance recorded in Bilbao) delivers low frequency drones that hit the ear viscerally before slowly morphing into repetitive digital rhythms. The best part is, even with his NASA-like name, Aerospace Soundwise avoids one of the most common computer music pitfalls: excessive complexity. If Aerospace Soundwise’s seamless blend of field recordings and cyber processing whets your appetite, be sure to poke around Lucky Kitchen’s website for more sonic goddies.