Kami To Isshoni Yodooshi

Chin up all you drift-heads, Don’t Look Down, the latest album from Suilven Recordings’ founder, Daniel Patrick Quinn, enlists the talents of fellow dronemeisters DAC Crowell and Kurt Doles. The results: an intricate haze of timbres swathed in reverb and glistening electronics which lay the groundwork for gradually evolving melodies that pirouette in slo-mo, coalescing the misty din like a crochet hook. Lose yourself inside these Eno-inspired vistas filled with sustained electric guitar, clarinet, and who knows what else. Is that a shakuhachi? The final track, Kami To Isshoni Yodooshi, injects field recordings made by Crowell last year in Japan into the wash of sound, adding a layer of complexity which sounds like an underwater celebration, a village dance and feast after finally reaching the illusive end of the rainbow.