June 21

Sometimes, CDs take all the fun out of my favorite artists. It’s as if the studio mic and the repeat take drain all the life out of music that when it’s heard live rips your heart right through your ribcage. Jenny Scheinman and co. quite successfully skirt that inclination to strangle the music, and instead relax into spinning tales through melodies rather than words. The sleeve art by Molly Barker sets the listener up for a world of comforting sound and, like rereading a favorite novel from childhood, the music does not disappoint. Even when things sound like the road is a little scary ahead, there’s always the hint that better times are coming soon. The band all comes together to close the disk with “June 21” and plays us out into the sunset. From the sound of things, these guys had a very good summer of the sort even Huck Finn would approve.


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